An Instagram July


Our weekend told by Instagram

As much as I love adventure and have a great love for travel, I am also a homebody at heart. Some weekends, I love nothing more than to do nothing with the people I love. Grabbing lunch at our favourite cafe (where they have the very best falafels), driving the country roads by our home, talking about our future dreams and plans, random stops to the beaches that surround Vancouver Island. Even a stop at the local nursery that resulted with us leaving with only a pot and some fancy grass, when we had planned on so much more. To say we have to work on our  ‘green thumbs’ some more would be an understatement.  Though some weekends, that’s all you can ask for.


A Instagram 2011

A lot has happened over the months that make up the year of 2011. We went to New Zealand. Spent many weekends over on The Sunshine Coast. Countless lunches. Sunny Summer days that lead us to nowhere other than together. Hot cups of tea. Cold spoonfuls of Raspberry Lemon gelato. We carved our pumpkins that we got from our local farmers market. We spent days surrounded by the beaches of Tofino, our happy place.

Hours spent talking about our dreams, our future travels, our soon to be house. Many moments full of laughter and pure contentment at where I am. There were also moments of heartache, and complete agony. When Molly had to have her surgery, when I felt as though I could not help her. Those moments were followed by overwhelming amounts of gratefulness, knowing how strong she has been. Those moments have changed me. Forever. I am stronger now, more aware, and I make a point to breathe more. I have learned how hard some obstacles can be, and how the people who really love you, are always there for you, no matter what. I am so grateful for these people and I am full of hope for what has yet to come for me.

2011, thanks for some truly great moments, and though I could have done without the really bad ones, I am sure they happened for a reason.  2012, I have lots of plans for you and I.

Happy New Year.

a mug of something warm.

I usually write a post about Christmas and how I can hardly contain myself as Christmas Eve approaches. Surrounded by our loved ones, good food, and all things festive. Cozied up by the hot coals of the burning fireplace with a mug of something warm in hand. We have our new PJs on as we watch a Christmas show though I am usually consumed by the magic of what is my Moms Christmas tree.

The tree, completely covered in hundreds of twinkling lights and the most beautiful glass ornaments from many Christmas pasts, has been something I look forward to every year.  After hours of spending time with my loved ones and devouring all the snacks and desserts my Mom has put out, we lay our heads to sleep so that ‘Santa Claus’ can come.

I am usually the first one to wake on Christmas morning, and though some may want more sleep, they have come to accept my tradition of an early Christmas morning. While I await for everyone to wake themselves up, I make myself a cup of hot tea and curl up on the floor between the tree and the fireplace. Yes, the perfect spot to open presents, one of the perks of being up before anyone else!

One by one we hand out our presents to each other and though I love a present here and there, I absolutely love the moment when they open the presents I have chosen for them.

Presents are open, paper wrap awry, and we have all made way to the kitchen. We help Mom make a breakfast, you can always count on the smell of something delectable filling the house.

We talk, we eat, and we prepare for what will be an amazing family feast later that evening.  I often wonder what a Christmas feast would be without my Moms creamy mashed potatoes and cranberry stuffing followed by some warm pumpkin pie. All of these small traditions are what make up Christmas for me.

When we have children of our own one day, these are the moments I hope to share with them. Of course there are new traditions, new people who enter our lives and we will create new memories to add to the old ones. Sorta like playing The She and Him Christmas album all day long.

The past couple of months leading to Christmas have been harder for me than the past years. My French Bulldog, Molly , had to go through a lot, she had to have back surgery done and spend a couple of months after laying low while she recovers.

To be honest, there were moments when I felt so helpless and sad. The mere though of Christmas approaching made me completely bummed because, well , I was stressed, and I was hanging on by a thread. Nothing felt like Christmas. Though, as I write this post, only 4 days away from my beloved Christmas Eve, I could not be more happy.  I could not be more grateful. Yes, the past couple of months have been harder than I am used to, but we are all healthy and we are all together. Theres not much else I could ever ask for.

I hope you all have a Christmas full of family and your loved ones. May you consume yourselves with love and laughter, old traditions and new. And may you have a mug of something warm, some creamy mashed potatoes and of course, some desserts!

A Happy Birthday..

I am writing this the night before your 24th Birthday. Yes, that’s right.. your 24th Birthday!! It has been 5 years since we celebrated your 19th Birthday together. The first of our Birthdays we had spent as a couple. And tomorrow morning when we wake, you will be 24 years old. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I wish you a truly amazing day and an amazing year. A year full of love..happiness.. and new adventures..together!! Nothing excites me more than knowing we are going to spend all our Birthdays together. I love you. Jeremy. Always.


I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Dad. I wanted to give you a really big hug as I woke this morning. I wanted to hand you your present that I wrapped oh so perfectly. And I wanted to make sure that you knew just how much I loved you.

And than I remembered you were on the other side of the world basking in the New Zealand sun. It has been a little more than a year now since you have called New Zealand your home. And I have missed you every day since. I have come to realize that your presence makes me whole. That I need you more than I ever thought I did. And that I am more like you than anyone else. I love you,Dad.

I love that you never felt like I was too old for your hugs. I love that you never held back the ‘I love you’ everytime we said goodbye. I love that you have always believed in me, even when I made some mistakes along the way. And I love that all you ever wanted was for me to be happy. I love you, Dad.

Happy Birthday. To a man I am happy to call my Dad.