Babes and her Summer snapshots


The Beach..a couple Starbucks..and a friend..

This past weekend while up in Campbell River spending time with my Family.. Me and Ange decided to snap a few photos of each other. We headed down to the beach with our Starbucks in hand and snapped away and even though the wind was almost blowing us over.. we had a great time. Ange has been apart of my Family for a few years now and I love her to pieces!! Check out her work here..

Molly 1/38

Happy New Years!! I am so excited for 2011 and for all the adventures to come. I have so many New Year resolutions though I will save those for another post. This post is going to be short and sweet. Come February 7th we will be on our way to beautiful New Zealand. For 3 weeks. I have never been away from Molly for more than 2 weeks. And I am going to miss her. Like crazy. So I have decided to take a photo of Molly every day until we leave so that when I am really missing her I can look at these photos and smile.  So prepare yourselves for a serious dose of Molly because this my friends is 1/38.  Happy New Years!!!

{Molly wrapped up in my scarf after a long+cold winter walk}