Babes and her Summer snapshots


The very best.

Our photos mean the world to us. Photos of our loved ones, our travels, the moments that change us, we all love to document our world around us.  And thanks to Instagram and photo apps such as VSCO cam, we are able to capture the small moments that make up our days and weeks. These photos are random, but to me, they are the very best, because they help me to remember the small moments, all of them.


Take what we can get

I am ten years older than her, my sister, and yet I somehow manage to learn something new from her everyday. She has a heart full of dreams and hopes and a soul full of fun and laughter. She makes my heart so happy, and everyday I watch her grow more and more. We went to Starbucks and she ordered her usual white hot chocolate.  I told her to wear a warmer coat, and she told me she would be warm enough.  She was wrong, of course. The sun was setting down and the ocean breeze made for a cold walk along the beaches of Campbell River. We don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like to these days, so we take what we can get. Short sunset walks and hot chocolate.


A coffee date.

The sun was out and we drove up Island for coffees. We stopped at Coombs to take some photos and with only a few frames taken, we were both frozen, and our hands were numb. Yes, the sun was out, and yet so was the cold winds that normally grace Vancouver Island. We drove on to one of my favourite cafes nestled between the shops of Qualicum Beach. She ordered a caramel macchiato and a carrot cake. I ordered a chai latte topped with nutmeg and a bowl of homemade granola. We held our hot cups to warm our hands, and talked about everything. Dreams, loves, needs. It was a simple day, though a great day. Here’s to more days consumed of sun, coffees, and spontaneous photos.


The Beach..a couple Starbucks..and a friend..

This past weekend while up in Campbell River spending time with my Family.. Me and Ange decided to snap a few photos of each other. We headed down to the beach with our Starbucks in hand and snapped away and even though the wind was almost blowing us over.. we had a great time. Ange has been apart of my Family for a few years now and I love her to pieces!! Check out her work here..