Allow your soul to heal you

We all have a story. We all have our ups and downs, our own peaks and valleys. There’s a quote I read recently that really struck a nerve for me. 


I found myself to be almost haunted by those words, they were truer than any words that have ever been spoken. The soul always knows what to do to heal. There’s a light within all of us, everyone of you, that wants only for you to succeed, for you to be at peace. Call that light what you may, your soul, your inner guidance,intuition,spirit, they all represent the deep sacred love that’s readily available to us, that has the power to change our world and the story we create for ourselves every day. 

Many of us lose our way,we struggle to feel connected to our truth, and then fear and self-doubt tend to show up. Self-doubt may even tell you that you are not worthy to have such a beautiful power within yourself,no problem there though because self-doubts always wrong. That was the truth for me, I forgot my true self, and I yearned to feel connected to the very core of who I was. It became very clear to me that I had to choose to reconnect to my truth. And I have found that to reconnect to your soul, to the part of you that knows how to heal what no longer serves you, you must go within yourself, and surrender.

Surrender to that part of you that knows you better than anyone else, the part of you that knows you need a change. The light within. When I look back now at all the struggles I went through, all the struggles that I created for myself, I often wonder how those struggles would have no longer been present had I known how to surrender. How the world all of a sudden flows so much more smoothly and peacefully. 

So, do yourselves a favour, and allow yourselves to blossom, allow your true selves to emerge from all of the fear, because at the end of the day, only love’s real. And within all of us, grows an abundance of love, that surrounds us always, that wants to dance around you and heal you, to move you to a place of peace. Allow your soul to heal you. 


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