A Instagram 2011

A lot has happened over the months that make up the year of 2011. We went to New Zealand. Spent many weekends over on The Sunshine Coast. Countless lunches. Sunny Summer days that lead us to nowhere other than together. Hot cups of tea. Cold spoonfuls of Raspberry Lemon gelato. We carved our pumpkins that we got from our local farmers market. We spent days surrounded by the beaches of Tofino, our happy place.

Hours spent talking about our dreams, our future travels, our soon to be house. Many moments full of laughter and pure contentment at where I am. There were also moments of heartache, and complete agony. When Molly had to have her surgery, when I felt as though I could not help her. Those moments were followed by overwhelming amounts of gratefulness, knowing how strong she has been. Those moments have changed me. Forever. I am stronger now, more aware, and I make a point to breathe more. I have learned how hard some obstacles can be, and how the people who really love you, are always there for you, no matter what. I am so grateful for these people and I am full of hope for what has yet to come for me.

2011, thanks for some truly great moments, and though I could have done without the really bad ones, I am sure they happened for a reason.  2012, I have lots of plans for you and I.

Happy New Year.


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