Tauranga/Bay of Plenty

So we are back!! For those of you who read my blog you know that I have spent the month of February in the beautiful country of New Zealand. There really are no words for the beauty this place holds. I have always dreamed of going to New Zealand.. so when my Dad found himself moving there for work last year I knew we were in for an adventure of a lifetime. You can look through hundreds of photos online and look through Lonely Planet Travel books on New Zealand and be in awe of how amazing it looks though you really have to go there in order to fully grasp how truly amazing it is. Along with enjoying warm sunshine.. warm waters..and exploring The North Island of New Zealand with Jeremy.. I also got to spend 3 weeks with my Dad who I have missed like crazy for the past year.  I am still trying to grasp everything this trip was for me. I left New Zealand feeling completely content and so very grateful. In a way I feel rejuvenated. New Zealand will always have a piece of my heart + soul.


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