In this moment, I am beyond happy and consumed with a feeling of contentment. Today was a simple Sunday. Woke up like any other morning. French Toast for breakfast. Played with Molly. Drove to Coombs to meet my Family followed by lunch in Qualicum. Could smell the Spring air coming in through the restaurant windows. Drank a Chai steamer on our way home. In awe of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Came home and was greeted by Molly wagging her teeny tail back and forth. Curled up on my couch with Molly snuggled up beside me. Vanilla and Pacific Rain candles burning, the smell filling all of the 400 square feet that is our home. Jeremy behind me making us Annie’s Pasta for dinner (A healthy version of KD).. It was a simple Sunday. And I loved every second because it was ours. Our Sundays.. Together.




Friday, March 18th, I will be taking place in For Japan With Love. For Japan With Love was created by Lydia of Ever Ours and the amazing team at Utterly Engaged. The purpose of For Japan With Love is to raise awareness of what horrific conditions the people of Japan are having to face. And in hopes to raise donations to help fund Japan with such basic needs as water and shelter. I blogged the other day about how what has taken place in Japan has weighed heavy on my heart and this Friday in honor of what Japan is going through, I will be taking part in For Japan With Love.. Bloggers Day of Silence. In these times of tragedy I find it amazing how we all can come together and take part in something for the wellbeing of others. It is a true testament to how strong and beautiful love and the human spirit truly are. If you would also like to get involved and help  in any way you can, you can click Here.


The Beach..a couple Starbucks..and a friend..

This past weekend while up in Campbell River spending time with my Family.. Me and Ange decided to snap a few photos of each other. We headed down to the beach with our Starbucks in hand and snapped away and even though the wind was almost blowing us over.. we had a great time. Ange has been apart of my Family for a few years now and I love her to pieces!! Check out her work here..


I am not really sure what this post is even going to be about. I guess mainly about how I am feeling right now. In this moment.  I have been watching the news coverage on Japans 8.9 earthquake and Tsunami since last night. It would be an understatement to say I did not sleep well last night. What we see on TV is horrific, even imaginable. Me and Jeremy were in New Zealand when Christchurch happened { luckily we were on the North Island} and to see such tragedy unfold really makes you realize how fragile our lives really are.

These tragedies make me realize how grateful I am for the life I have been given. To get to spend my days with my loved ones. And really makes me realize how small and insignificant my everyday worries and problems really are. We should all be grateful for the simple pleasures in life.. breathing in fresh air..breathing in the salt from the ocean..feeling the rain on our skin.. laughing with our friends.. or being able to say I love you to those who matter most to us.

When tragedy happens in the form of a natural disaster, I always hug Molly and Jeremy  longer  and even Skype my Dad at 12:40 am to say I love you. Though I wish it wouldn’t take a tragedy to realize how lucky I am. How lucky so many of us are. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with a tragedy. 

Tauranga/Bay of Plenty

So we are back!! For those of you who read my blog you know that I have spent the month of February in the beautiful country of New Zealand. There really are no words for the beauty this place holds. I have always dreamed of going to New Zealand.. so when my Dad found himself moving there for work last year I knew we were in for an adventure of a lifetime. You can look through hundreds of photos online and look through Lonely Planet Travel books on New Zealand and be in awe of how amazing it looks though you really have to go there in order to fully grasp how truly amazing it is. Along with enjoying warm sunshine.. warm waters..and exploring The North Island of New Zealand with Jeremy.. I also got to spend 3 weeks with my Dad who I have missed like crazy for the past year.  I am still trying to grasp everything this trip was for me. I left New Zealand feeling completely content and so very grateful. In a way I feel rejuvenated. New Zealand will always have a piece of my heart + soul.