I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Dad. I wanted to give you a really big hug as I woke this morning. I wanted to hand you your present that I wrapped oh so perfectly. And I wanted to make sure that you knew just how much I loved you.

And than I remembered you were on the other side of the world basking in the New Zealand sun. It has been a little more than a year now since you have called New Zealand your home. And I have missed you every day since. I have come to realize that your presence makes me whole. That I need you more than I ever thought I did. And that I am more like you than anyone else. I love you,Dad.

I love that you never felt like I was too old for your hugs. I love that you never held back the ‘I love you’ everytime we said goodbye. I love that you have always believed in me, even when I made some mistakes along the way. And I love that all you ever wanted was for me to be happy. I love you, Dad.

Happy Birthday. To a man I am happy to call my Dad.


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