Family,Christmas drinks, and love.

All year-long I patiently await the month of December. There is something about bundling up in our cozy scarves, ordering Starbucks Christmas drinks, making Christmas cards,hanging Moll’s stocking, and sitting around a roaring fire with family that seems to make the month of December my favorite. Christmas for me is about all those things and more. It’s about love. It’s about sitting around in the kitchen while Mom prepares the Christmas dinner feast. It’s about sitting around the fire with my siblings and watching classic Christmas movies.

I love Christmas because with all of the chaos that can sometimes consume us in our daily lives, we can have a day solely dedicated to spending time with the ones we love and taking the time to let them know how they are special in our lives. It’s about reminiscing on old memories and creating new memories. New traditions.

Ever since we were small my Mom would buy us all a new pair of PJs and we would all open them at the same time Christmas Eve. This really is a small gesture, though growing up it has become one of those traditions we all look forward to the most. So I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas full of love and Family. Take your time to really soak in all of what the holidays are. I know we all love a present here and there though remember to take  your time and appreciate your loved ones. The ones we laugh with. The ones who wipe away our tears. And the ones we gather around the beautiful twinkling Christmas Tree with. And maybe even open your hearts to helping those who are not as fortunate. After all, is that not what the Christmas spirit is all about?!

Merry Christmas everyone.. {Happy Holidays}.. and a very Happy New Year filled with love,happiness,and new adventures. ❤


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