Neck Point Park Fall session..Part 2..


{Tuesdays Loves}

Anyone who really knows me knows I LOVE books + magazines. I love their smell and I love knowing theres something amazing awaiting inside of them. You add a Green Tea Latte and I am a very happy girl. With that said, I spent my day today with a girlfriend browsing the endless aisles of Chapters while sipping on our Starbucks drinks..Than I came across the October issue of Vogue!! The cover was captivating.  Miss Carey Mulligan looked unbelievably beautiful and I sort of fell in love with the image. Once I got home I flipped through her entire spread and nearly died. The images were simply stunning. Some of the most beautiful and real photography I have seen. So my {Tuesdays Loves} goes to Miss Carey Mulligan + Vogue + Peter Lindbergh for creating such inspiring imagery.

Happy Bdays + a Sisters bond








She was born October 16th 1999. I was 10 years old when she was born and I begged my Mom to let me be there when she was being delivered.  At 10 years old my life had been forever changed. I was not scared. I was amazed. I saw a strength in my Mom I had never seen before. And a couple of hours later..There she was. All 10 Toes , a mass of dark brown hair..a button nose and  big brown eyes like I had never seen.  She was beautiful. And I loved her…no questions asked. baby sister will be 11 years old. How she was only a baby yesterday I will never understand. So  amongst all my To-Do Lists and craziness going on with branding my business and our up coming trip to New Zealand..Im going to spend my weekend celebrating my baby sisters Birthday. I am going to eat cake..laugh..and spend as much time with her as I can..I mean while she still considers me kinda cool.  ~Happy Birthday Claud~  Ps. Molly above looking ccccraaazy.. And below..My niece Holli The Pug.