On a rainy August day..

I have a French Bulldog named Molly. She’s my baby girl. And she’s my best friend. The day we got Molly I knew I had fallen in love and that I had a new role to take on. She was my responsibility. I needed to make sure she was always safe and loved. And since yesterday she has been feeling a little under the weather. We were up most of last night with her trying to console her and doing our best to help her sleep. This for me is one of the hardest things especially because she is unable to tell me what’s really bothering her. After a couple of hours she finally calmed down and dreamt the night away. She is doing much better today though she is not quite her normal sassy self. So on this cold rainy august day Molly and I have been curled up on our couch getting some much needed r&r which always includes a couple of movies here and there!! So we are keeping our fingers crossed Molly will be back to herself by the time this long weekend comes around so we can take her to her most favorite place of all – The beautiful beaches of Tofino where she runs free for miles and miles and tip toes her way into the cold Pacific Ocean. Tofino is definitely one of my favorite places too!

Happy Tuesday ❤


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