We live. We laugh. We love. And we surf!!  That is what me and my family did this long weekend. Tofino has been a special place for me and Jeremy ever since we started dating 4 and half years ago. Weekends together of full of long walks on the beaches,good food,good surf and even better memories. Since Jers parents own a place here in Tofino, we have been more than lucky to have a place to stay whenever we want a little r&r. Whether we come up just the two of us , with Jers parents, with my brother Kyle and Ange or with my baby sister Claudia, the memories we have made here are simply amazing.  If you have never been to Tofino, I seriously recommend that you put it on your list of places to go!! Its beauty is undeniable. And will always be a special place for me. Molly for sure loves the beaches here too.

Happy long weekend ❤


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