On a rainy August day..

I have a French Bulldog named Molly. She’s my baby girl. And she’s my best friend. The day we got Molly I knew I had fallen in love and that I had a new role to take on. She was my responsibility. I needed to make sure she was always safe and loved. And since yesterday she has been feeling a little under the weather. We were up most of last night with her trying to console her and doing our best to help her sleep. This for me is one of the hardest things especially because she is unable to tell me what’s really bothering her. After a couple of hours she finally calmed down and dreamt the night away. She is doing much better today though she is not quite her normal sassy self. So on this cold rainy august day Molly and I have been curled up on our couch getting some much needed r&r which always includes a couple of movies here and there!! So we are keeping our fingers crossed Molly will be back to herself by the time this long weekend comes around so we can take her to her most favorite place of all – The beautiful beaches of Tofino where she runs free for miles and miles and tip toes her way into the cold Pacific Ocean. Tofino is definitely one of my favorite places too!

Happy Tuesday ❤


Running naked + Sprinklers

I am kinda at a crossroads in my life. And I am scared. This is a really hard thing for me to admit. I like to keep my feelings to myself. And so I have come to a major decision today. I am no longer going to ignore what I am feeling.  I am going to let it be known. I am scared. I am nervous. And I am simply happy about everything to come. I am scared of really putting myself out there with my photography. I am scared what people will think. I am scared to fall. And I am nervous about what I will miss if I let that fear take over. And I am simply happy because I know those fears have had their day. And because I had a moment today where I was over come by the feeling of I can do whatever I dream of doing. And let me tell you I have a lot of dreams. I want to live and love with everything I have. I want to laugh like nobodies business. And I want to take risks like I would have when I was 5 years old. You know when none of us would have thought twice about what people around would have thought when we ran naked through the sprinklers. Yeah..Thats how I want to live my life. And starting today I am going to. Who knows maybe you are feeling inspired to take some risks of your own. And maybe we could take some together.

With realiztaion of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability one can build a better world. – Dalai Lama

Happy Tuesday!!



21 years and adventures to come <3

As I was sorting through pictures on my camera I came across some from my 21st Birthday which I celebrated a few weeks ago on July 16th. Documenting these moments in my life are so important to me simply because I never ever want to forget!! I never want to forget how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life. I never want to forget laughing with my little sister. Or being silly with Jeremy. Or sitting around a fire with my Mom,my brothers and my sister eating my birthday cheesecake. ( I looove cheesecake!!) These moments may seem like small moments in my life sometimes but if I was being completely honest,to me,they are the most important!! As I look back on my 21 years I am beyond grateful to be so lucky to have such amazing people to call my family. And with that said I am determined to make my 21st year awesome!! I have so many ideas and adventures planned and I hope to document them all. Especailly the really small ones.

Happy Sunday. ❤

Boyfriends. And Their Jeans.

I am a jeans girl. I could probably argue that I need a new pair though I am sure my boyfriend would argue otherwise. And if I was being honest, I would probably confess to having too many pairs for my own good, though us girls know there is no such thing!! There is not a lot for me to write about in this post. I simply wanted to share something that makes me happy. So, every now and again I come across these ads while reading one of my magazines and I quietly smile to myself. They give me a sense of empowerment. They are sexy and they make me proud to be a woman. And okay they may inspire me to throw on my boyfriend jeans as well.

Happy Wednesday ❤


We live. We laugh. We love. And we surf!!  That is what me and my family did this long weekend. Tofino has been a special place for me and Jeremy ever since we started dating 4 and half years ago. Weekends together of full of long walks on the beaches,good food,good surf and even better memories. Since Jers parents own a place here in Tofino, we have been more than lucky to have a place to stay whenever we want a little r&r. Whether we come up just the two of us , with Jers parents, with my brother Kyle and Ange or with my baby sister Claudia, the memories we have made here are simply amazing.  If you have never been to Tofino, I seriously recommend that you put it on your list of places to go!! Its beauty is undeniable. And will always be a special place for me. Molly for sure loves the beaches here too.

Happy long weekend ❤