Eat Pray Love And Aritzia…

Friday morning I woke up to my cell phone beeping away at me and was more than excited when I saw that it was my mom wanting me to meet her in Victoria for the day to watch my brothers baseball game. This sounded perfect to me!! Sunshine + my mom + Chai Latte + Baseball + Shopping (You probably get the idea) .. so why would I be weary about going you ask?? Well because even though I have been to Victoria a million times, I have never driven there myself!! Ever!! And that made me really nervous. So after going back and forth on whether or not I should go I finally came to the conclusion that if I didn’t go , I would be missing out on an amazing day all because I was afraid of doing something I have never done. So with my big girl pants on I decided I was not going to let my fears hold me back.

This may sound silly but I was proud of myself. I grabbed my Chai Latte and I was on my way and I Watched my brother play baseball (Love him) , had lunch with my mom and then shopped. And then I made my way home safe and sound. So the reason for my story is to never let your fears, big or small, stop you from doing what you love or what you dream of doing. I promise you will be happy with your choice!! I know I am very happy with the floral leggings I picked up from Aritzia ❤ for all of $14.00 !!! I have been wanting these leggings for a while now and was SO excited when I saw their new sale price!! And I was surprised by a pair of beautiful gold leaf earrings from my mom that were for my birthday. So beautiful. So all and all I had an amazing day today and my new leggings were such a bonus!!

I hope this has inspired you to be brave and at the very least to go check out Artizia!! On another note, I have just begun reading Eat,Pray,Love and yes I know I am a couple years late. And I do realize that the movie comes out in a couple of weeks but I am totally loving it so far and I am really excited to read more.

Happy weekend ❤


21 of my loves

So here goes my very first blog post!! I am beyond excited about having somewhere to share my photography,my thoughts and all the small things that make up my life!! So you are probably wanting to know a little bit more about me and because I celebrated my 21st Birthday this past Friday, here are 21 of my loves.

I love love.

I love the ocean. The smell. The relaxation. The sound. ❤

I love my family. They are my world!!

I love Vanilla scented candles.

I love Chapters.

And I love Starbucks.

I love my French Bulldog Molly. I had fallen for her the moment I saw her. And shes had my heart ever since.

I love Winter. The Snow. Chai Lattes.

I love Pearl Jam. When I saw them in concert my life was forever changed.

I love a good book.

I love Fashion. (Which takes us to the following)

I love clothes!! And boots. And handbags.

I love my boyfriend Jeremy. Going on 5 years and he knows how to make me smile every single day. ❤

I love the smell of a campfire. It reminds me when we would go camping as kids.

I love Travelling! I want to see the world.

I love South Africa. I went there 2 as a kid and my heart never left. So Beautiful.

I love reality tv. What can I say?

I love sushi.

I love Elephants. They simply make me happy.

I love Sunshine. The warmth against my skin.

And I love taking pictures. So I can always remember. And smile when I do.